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Collective Exhibition – From Friday, March 18 to Saturday, April 2

City University of Hong Kong's School of Creative Media

Hong Kong / 21'49
Galerie Dolet, Crous Clermont Auvergne, 25 rue Étienne Dolet, Clermont Ferrand

City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media was founded to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial interdisciplinary artists and creative media professionals, and to be a hub of innovation for the creative industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and abroad. Now, over two decades later it is recognized to be an international centre for discovery and innovation in Asia. Here creativity is nurtured as a cornerstone of art tech development for Hong Kong in the 21st Century. Within this hub of creativity, students attain the technical, artistic, and intellectual skills that enable them to take positions of leadership and innovation in a global society and economy.

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About the course (Teacher: Dr. Max Hattler)

« Abstract and Experimental Animation »:
Through a series of screenings, workshops and lectures, this course introduces students to historical and contemporary approaches in abstract and experimental animation. A central premise of the course is that sound and music are key components of the moving image. Students will explore the concept of visual music, how rhythm, timing and counterpoint can structure or disrupt our reading of abstract motion. Another focal point is on the nexus between narrative and non-narrative modes of experimental animation, and how meanings can be negotiated through abstraction. In-class exercises and assigned projects will expose students to a range of tools and techniques which will enable them to design and produce abstract and experimental moving image works, as a form of artistic expression and as a conceptual tool for time-based media and beyond.


Anodic Hit / Sun, Zhouye | Xue, Qing | Yip, Ping Ki | Siu, Nga Lam / 2020 / 3’11

An ensemble and collision of electronic music and geometric figures. Young authors carry out
various combinations and transformations through simple geometric shapes to explore the possibility of visual compositions. Then they create dynamic movement through the imagination of music, so that the elements and electronic music can communicate and merge well. They aims to compose a powerful electronic audio-visual abstract film.

Current / Lam, Ho Hin | Ngai, Tsz Kwan | Tsang, Tsz Wai | Weingarten, Sean Wilhelm Foster / 2020 / 1’09

Lines and dots merge together to form shapes and patterns of increasing complexity. In sharp
contrast to that stands the organic movement that from time to time seems to fall back into a steady mechanical rhythm, which itself is represented on the sonic level. From simplicity emerge more and more complex worlds that combine the abstract aesthetics of the living and the technical as if questioning which derives from which.

Feed Me to the Squares / Lam, Ho Hin | Ngai, Tsz Kwan | Tsang, Tsz Wai | Weingarten, Sean Wilhelm Foster / 2021 / 3’01

Following a morphing blob of flesh through an artificial landscape of urban textures we take part in a process of creation and adaption. From a simple square to increasingly complex moving patterns, the organic seems to get lost in the artificial which begins to dominate rhythm and structure of the world.

Firefly / Lee, Yun / 2020 / 2’16

An abstract film that uses looping watercolor animations, vibrant colors and sound to create a
beautiful symphony. A dance which everything is connected and interacts with each other, just like fireflies glowing in the darkness. Through the animation, elements change and transform, being harmonic yet keeping their own characteristic.

Good Nightmare / Deng, Wen Xue | Cheng, Ka Man | Lee, Yorki | Yeung, Tsz Wai / 2021 / 3’30

The story begins as the sun goes down and the night monsters wake up. The night lights have breathed new life into our world, converting power into energy, and waking the dead city. The monsters wake up and dance along to the music, just as we thought we finally have time to close our eyes. It is like flipping a switch and brightening up the darkest day. No more living in the shadows, come alive and ride the light.

Jamais Vu / Chiu, Man Yui Serena | Tse, Jasmine Elizabeth | Law, Ho Yi Woody | Yuen, Ka Hei Hannah / 2021 / 3’27

In light of our dull daily life routines in this concrete jungle where everything always seems boring and familiar, our collage animation strives to explore creativity, funkiness and craziness from daily objects and characters. Jamais Vu, our title, aims to depict the strangeness and alienation of everyday objects and environments.

Pierce / Xing, Tong | Jiang, Xinyue | Qin, Yue / 2021 / 1’14

This film uses charcoal and watercolor to abstractly visualize the concept of “pierce”. In an abstract way the lines and dots form various shapes with condensed blocks of shading. Adding the sound of streaming, aircraft taking off, science fiction, and deep bass, the film aims to reach a state of audio and visual concordance.

Shuttle / Chan, Wai Cheuk Rachel | Lam, Ying Hei | Yang, Jen | Kim, Ja Young | Tsang, Chun Leung / 2021 / 2’50

By developing and reconstructing the city with our vision and imagination, the shuttling effect was being executed to elaborate the city of Hong Kong from day to night in a new perspective. Motions are established by photography and still images, aiming to let the audience to experience Hong Kong as a fast and over-developing way.

Where’s My Stress Ball / Or, Chun Yiu / 2020 / 1’15

Where’s My Stress Bal is a music-synchronised piece of abstract animation created during the coronavirus pandemic. Though created during a tough time under quarantine, the film abstracts the stressfulness into something playful and positive by picturing lively balls in and out of frames, and in dashes of colour.


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