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VidEoformes 2022

37th International Digital Arts Festival

Festival ::: March 17 > 20

Exhibitions ::: March 17 > April 3



Affiche du Festival VIDEOFORMES 2022

2022 poster

Visual by the American artist Scott Hessels:

The image is from one depth layer of the Ground Penetrating Radar scan performed across Place de la Victoire in Clermont-Ferrand.  GPR transmits electromagnetic pulses—radio waves—into the soil which bounce off materials with varying dielectric properties. Different formations below all ‘echo’ the signal back differently to the antenna. These contrasts are recorded and transposed into imagery, revealing hidden structures.

The scan resulted in 140 million ‘points’ in a 3D cloud created from a 23x23m area of the plaza, 4m deep.  The artist is exploring several visual approaches to this unique dataset, the first time the tool has been used for creative purposes; it is both literally and figuratively ‘uncharted territory.’  When stacked all together, the scan revealed several underground forms, but these ‘depth slices’ had a stunningly beautiful topography individually.  The slice presented here is the actual scan data from below the plaza surface, stylized by the artist and the first of a series of artworks visualizing the rich dataset in a variety of techniques, styles, and media forms.


Love is all you need !

If Tik Tok is the mirror of society, what is art for?
Nothing, and that’s the beauty of it!

Difficult times?
Need for love, desire for kindness, light-heartedness, or even futility?
What is the price of the essential?
The value of values?
The NFT price for poetry?

Is art political when it observes, discovers, shows, questions?
It is obviously a whistleblower, with subtlety or in provocation; it even participates in the control of these “disruptive forces necessary to the balance of the universe and to its continuity”. The creators, like the shamans and other intercessors or “masters of disorder” undertake the negotiations with the forces of chaos.

As with the pandemic, the essential question of the environmental issue – and therefore of humanity – cannot be satisfied with the confused – and therefore inaudible – discourse of scientists and decision-makers on all sides.

There are other views, which emit hypotheses centered on humans, their margins, their difficulty to be themselves out in the open, and who think again about their place in a strained ecosystem.

Metaverses are a complementary and revealing extension, but beware, there will be a high-(end) metaverse and a low-(end) metaverse, a rather disheartening vision.

The important thing in beautiful love stories is the foundations. VIDEOFORMES 2022 – in the continuity of its missions -, through its artistic choices or the selected contributions, offers an array of what its observatory has spotted. It is certainly not the juxtaposition of atoms which constitutes knowledge. No, the mind is of another order… and the audience will know, as it must do today, yes, it will know to recognize itself, to oppose, to adhere, to be sensitive and, finally, to be an essential actor of the artistic creation.


Elise Aspord, co-president
Loiez Deniel, co-president
Gabriel Soucheyre, artistic director
January 2022

Videoformes 2022 teaser


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