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Friday, March 18 – Sunday, April 3

Adam & Eve

Agnès Guillaume

2012 / Belgium

Chapelle de l’Ancien Hôpital Général, Rue Sainte-Rose, Clermont-Ferrand

Opening time :
Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm
Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm

The work:

Two vertical screens, the original couple, Adam and Eve, bound by a red sheet set in the gorgeous landscape of Tuscany. During 8 minutes and 43 seconds, Agnès Guillaume offers a reflection on symmetry for this vision of the couple, through mirroring, parallels or concomitance. The man and the woman, wearing the colors of Italian renaissance, each in his screen, meet, confront, going through pathways that diverge and yet converge. Are they meeting? Are they merging? Separating, vanishing?

“What do we find in Adam et Eve? The choice of a specific style, first of all, common to all of Agnès Guillaume’s videos: allusive, metaphorical, never realistic, but nevertheless connected to an existential reality. The choice, also, of a mode of writing that willingly favours the multiplicity of visual and sound inputs as well as a rhythm that takes its time to present things. There is no hurry, each image comes at its own pace. And finally, a willingness to suggest.”

Paul Ardenne

The artist:

Agnès Guillaume is a Belgian artist. She lives and works between Brussels and Paris.

Agnès Guillaume’s videos seem at first glance figurative and realistic, but little by little we realize that the people and places, whose interactions she precisely designs, plunge us into an inner world made up of emotions, sensations and questions.

In her videos, often composed for several screens, she combines the precision of the framing with the rhythm of the editing and the pictorial use of color.

The soundtracks, which she designs and oversees herself, enhance the inner experience.

Artist’s website:

Artist portrait:


Agnès Guillaume (BEL)

Video for two color screens, full HD, stereo sound, loop 8’44.

Courtesy Galerie W Landau, Paris.


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