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Focus – Thursday, March 17 – 2 pm


Biennial of New Digital Media Arts / Spain

Program presentation:

Between move and stillness, sound and silence, binary and dichotomy, these elements composed the world of audio and visual. Through artistic experimentation, what kind of future can be imagined and glimpsed? In this space-time experience, various types of works are offered as a chance to explore the new times to come, from Experimental film to Artificial Intelligence, Sci-Fi, 3D Animation and more. Somehow this audiovisual approach is carried out from the perspective of a digital ecology, that is one of the scientific backgrounds and foundations of futurism and the meaning of the science of studying the relationship between the future conditions of the human being and its connection with interfaces, organic structures, the manipulation of political narratives and the accelerations and mutations of the environment. Therefore, this program can be contemplated as an experiment to observe how and what artists think and feel about the relationships between visionary art, technology and posthumanity.


Mémoire de l’effondrement / Albert Merino / 2021 / Spain / 10’00

In the Memories of Detachment, the Collapse is shown as the appearance of unspecific elements who will appropriate the space of the city. These elements respond to collective imaginaries that reveal us details of a society’s behaviour. The elements of the video work as metaphors of the accumulation of information and knowledge, and the rise of entropy or decay; using a plot that unveils us the contemporary scenarios of overflow.

Transgression – A Post-Human Vision / Hernando Urrutia / 2021 / Portugal / 2’00

It is the posthuman view of transgression. Allowing a view from the transgression of the borders between man / machine, time / space and life / death, with new ways of creating communication codes by forging new visualizations of the environment, such as artificial and virtual landscapes. Transgression of beings created from biological and cybernetic experiments, such as computerized prostheses, where it is postulated that the biologically manipulated human body is altered to face the future underground “world, as a post-evolutionist strategy.

Sybil / Marta di Francesco / 2020 / United Kingdom / 2’30

Sibyl explores the self-fulfilling prophecy of prediction. As machine learning allows artificial intelligence to make faster, better predictions, Sibyl performs a repetitive dance in which every movement starts and ends in the same way, representing the looping mirroring of AI predictability. Sibyl was created by merging volumetric capture techniques, video processing and StyleGAN, in which a model has been trained based on a large data set of similar images, in order to obtain a not-so surprising similarity with the original data set.

Politik / Antonello Matarazzo / 2017 / Italy / 2’08

101 dead insects between immobility and transformation. The polis of insects in an interconnected world before the internet. The kinetic dimension of the video leads the author to show us the metamorphoses that take place before our eyes. We are faced with an immediate and living metaphor of nature which, inexorably, takes its course by constantly transforming matter. But let us try rather to read Politik not as an allegory of death, but of life.

Stereoscopist: City Conjunction / Urich Lau / 2013 / Singapore / 3’56

The work Stereoscopist: City Conjunction, it is an imagined train journey that starts from Berlin and ends up in Singapore, the artist’s-based country. The appropriated opening scene from the 1927 Berlin documentary “Berlin: Symphony of a Great City” by the German filmmaker Walther Ruttmann, is projected onto two naked bodies of one male and one female, which become a conjoined diptych as a screen. A secondary live recording on the bodies reflected the moving images back to the viewer, creating a set of videos upon another. The stark combination of the physicality with the industrial elements of the scenes flashing on the bodies, aims to create a sense of asymmetrical conflict and synergy all at once.

Assemblages / Collectif Triangle [Matthew Schoen, Nathalie Vanderveken, Carmen Jaci ] / 2021 / Canada, Netherlands / 4’46

Assemblages is a collaborative video work where mechanical systems interplay with organic structures. Their respective outputs result in contrasting pairs of mechanical objects and organic elements, which playfully juxtapose to an electronic soundtrack. This piece seeks to deconstruct an aesthetic traditionally found in advertising by repurposing media such as 3D animation, elements of motion design and electronic music production techniques, in order to create an abstract universe, hence allowing a non-conventional narrative to emerge.

Synthetic Force / Weiming Ho / 2019 / Taïwan / 6’06

Synthetic Force is when the force is tried to manifest a vibration and spectrum as an audible and visible object – audio visual meditation which includes the maximum and minimum point of views between nebulae and cell divisions that reflect science or sense, blind spot or principle, order and border, super-human and non-humanization. Is there any invisible or subliminal field variant of the system? This video was reorganized using AI image generation technology.

The Shadows Strategy / Thomas Lisle / 2019 / United Kingdom / 10’00

This is the story of two cosmonauts from an alien race that can manipulate their forms, as and when they wish, but their planet has a problem and they send the two hero’s to find an answer. A psychological investigation into the collective unconscious, set within the modern day myth of science fiction, its an art piece which looks at societies shadows of racism, identity and climate denial. It is an experiment and research into 3D animated paint
based simulation and animation, the human form, biomorphic, abstract natural forms.

Self Similarity / Mohamadreza Tazari / 2018 / Iran / 3’53

The artist read about Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory, the fractals, and it changed his perspective. He realized that his dreams were fractals. So he tried to remake his dreams as an audio-visual experience. According to Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory, fractals are the mathematical\visual explanation of the nature’s structural geometry. Geometry for irregularity. This video work was created using Computer Art, Digital Art, 3D render.

Presentation :

MADATAC (International Exhibition of Audiovisual Digital New Media Art & Acontemporary Technologies) bridges artistic relations and collaborations dedicated to give visibility, divulge, stimulate the creativity and productive capacity, to strengthen the sustainability of experimental audio-visual and new media art in all its modalities, with the aim to offer a platform for all those emergent video artists, as well as to the consecrated artists, who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional creative languages and does not find their place in other mass media spaces. MADATAC is a non-profit and independent project that promotes a cultural diversity approach for cutting edge experimental art culture, that particularly values innovation, originality and risk-taking contemporary projects, as well establishes a meeting point where European and International new media art and digital artists, curators, collectors, critics, art dealers, cultural promoters and general audience can discover what is going on in this art fields, exchanging experiences to institute the foundation for a new concept of a future digital art. The objective is as well to encourage the participation of citizens in the digital new media art culture and to promote the exchange of knowledge between professionals with collaborative projects that works as a collective laboratory where artists can present their most recent creations to the greater public and to the trained members of the community, to attain a fruitful feedback between themselves and as a way towards an interaction with society. MADATAC established an understanding space that offer the necessary references towards where is heading the contemporary new moving image and new media technologies, reinforced by a Cyberculture & New Media Art Symposium, with master classes, conferences, colloquies, debates, round tables, installations, screenings, AV performances, workshops, given by the participants artists as well by recognized theorists and professionals of the medium, so that they can exhibit and can teach to the audience how they work, communicate their expectations, projects of future, or the approach they have or wish to have on the field in which they develop their creativity. On the other side, our activities are directed to new creative tendencies that evolve parallel to the technological advances in all levels, as well stimulate the investigation and promotion of innovative digital works applied to the arts, science and the mass media, trying to search a confluence between academic and experimental processes in order to create essentially projects based on the recognition of the innovating contribution.

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Curator : Iury Lech

Iury Lech is a transdisciplinary digital artist that has developed his creativity working within the realm of video-art, music and literature, being part of the few pioneers in the Spanish electronic and digital audio-visual 80’s scene that began to develop visual-aural performances and video art works. His reactive and generative AV performances explores the waves and rhythms of the nature environment minimalist processes, through the manipulation of image and sound on an atomic and supramolecular scale. This involves an immersive sensorial drive into Iury Lech’s extensive cinematic explorations and on the fields of sound art and digital art. His open and unclassifiable style permeates the tired avant-garde concept by means of apocalyptical atmospheres, arrhythmic sonic structures, and a dense audiovisual texture treatments that brings alive hypnotic ambients, industrial minimalism and a abstract way to conceive experimentalism of immersive art. Since 2009 and up to the present, he organizes and directs MADATAC, the International Exhibition of Audiovisual Digital New Media Art & Acontemporary Technologies.

Iury Lech will perform on Saturday, March 19 at 9pm (more information).


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