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Focus – Friday, March 18 – 9:30 am

Heure Exquise !

International Center for Video Art

Program presentation:

We have chosen a program almost exclusively devoted to video art women directors, strong works from our collection, recent or not, French or foreign. Indeed, over the past few years, we have seen an increase in proposals from women video makers and visual artists.

In this video proposal, we wanted to make the splits and offer an eclectic choice among the achievements.

Clio Simon’s films – and I’m going to borrow a few words from Laura Bismuth’s text published on the occasion of the artist’s personal exhibition at the Centre Régional de la Photographie (Regional Center of Photography) of the Hauts-de-France – “open windows of senses, for paced and open stories” leaving all the room to the viewer and his/her imagination or feeling in the face of a very photographic work.

And talking about the splits, Lydie Jean-Dit Pannel shares with us her commitment to body art in a soft body poetry, inviting the monarch butterfly to mark her body throughout the peregrinations of the artist; and as for Noemi Sjöberg, she seizes a daily performance to film the bodies and embark us on a reflection on mass tourism and its ecological and political consequences.

As for Véronique Sapin, in this short video, she attaches a very personal importance to photography, to the meaning of silence and to the human condition.

Finally, for the two videos by Dragana Zarevac and Gabriela Golder, we enter politics through the image. Dragana Zarevac’s cynical humor raises questions about found footage, the life of images on the internet, political correctness, the reality of global violence.

In another style and borrowing from the art of animation, Gabriela Golder makes fun of (or pays tribute to?) a historical and dialectical text by Engels.

All these directors also have in common the art of video.


Géographie de l’Ineffable / Clio Simon / 2020 / France / 12′

Showing history’s digressions, questing sens, bringing aporias together, drawing lines is able to make us forget the speech. This film tells us atmospheric realities holded by landscapes. Where it looks like the end or the beginning of a world, there are Deepnesses and Nebulae’s off fields.

One Euro To Jump Now / Noemi Sjöberg / 2021 / Spain / 4’22

In Porto, youngsters are jumping from different heights while they are surrounded, invaded by tourism. Some of them make a small profit out of this situation. Like a souvenir box, the images roll vertically with the manipulated soundtrack of a music box.  Travelling in this unconscious way, polluting with millions of air travel is affecting the planet and our species in all its social, economic, ecological and political dimensions. Mass tourism can not return, the toy is broken.

Le Cri / Véronique Sapin / 2021 / France / 2’34

The video is including with 12 photographies in BW and a video excerpt. The photographies come from the series “The Scream
Science has shown that when a person loses one sensory capacity, the others senses can compensate by becoming more acute. On the picture, the nose and eyes are absent from faces. Thus, the vacuum, the disturbing absence, provides an additional presence for the mouth. The sound which pours out is all the more powerful. In other words, the sound comes into existence through the vacuum. I am looking for one sound.
That makes it possible for them to share a single soul, the soul of humanity. That’s as the aria in an Opera: the singer sings the aria after the recitative when the story is reaching a point of no return which only the aria can takeforward

About the Workers Condition Before Machinery (After Engels) / Gabriela Golder / Argentina / 2015 / 10’30

A small world of machines. The bodies of workers are absent and replaced by stuffed animals at a Christmas showcase. Innocent and harmonious scenes mechanically reproduced provoke tension on having been articulated with the dialectical statement of the Engels’s text.

Resist (Disappearing Happiness) / Dragana Zarevac / Serbia / 2014 / 4’06

The video Resist: Disappearing Happiness deals with feelings of disappointment, frustration, rage, fear and insecurity: emotions which are hidden behind simple joyful melodies, playful hopping and clapping hands. Listening to the ”Happy” music, we see pictures of events that have been going on more or less simultaneously in similar places around the world that are falling apart and disappearing from international attention. The work is compiled entirely of video material taken from YouTube. This raises questions of ready-made video and found-footage, copyrights, originality, the use of the Internet for political purposes, censorship, modes of display, the availability or denial of access to certain video content, and the durability of published footage.

Cela Avait Commencé par un Accident / Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel et Vincent Mengin-Lecreulx / France / 2014 / 8’47

It has been 10 years in 2014 Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel met the trajectory of the Monarch Butterfly. A butterfly of less than one gram able to cross almost 2485,48 mi in order to reproduce and ensure the survival of its species.
Through the tattoo, the video, the photography, the action and the installation, Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel developed during the past 10 years a large corpus of images. During each of her trips, either she moves for professional, or family, love or secret reasons, she gets inscribed under her skin the image of a female Monarch Butterfly scale 1. Over time, the body, then, as Mexican landscapes, adorns itself with the murmur of the only migratory butterfly of our planet. She wears so far 41 pairs of orange wings collected at the corners of the world.

Présentation :

The main missions of Heure Exquise! are the distribution of video art and documentary of creation, the broadcasting and programming, the preservation and documentation of a historical video fund. Heure Exquise ! works with festivals, cultural structures, educational and training establishments in France and abroad.

Their bilingual (French/English) and regularly enriched catalog offers a wide variety of genres: video art, artists’ films, documentaries, new images, animation… representing both pioneering authors of video art and young authors.

The team of Heure Exquise ! welcomes and advises programmers and curators for their broadcasts, offers thematic programs, retrospectives of authors, and “cartes blanches”. They program and organize public screenings in the Hauts-de-France region, in France and in Europe

Curator : Thierry Destriez

Thierry Destriez lives and works in Lille.
After studying history at the University of Lille III, he joined the team of Heure Exquise! upon 1985, for the establishment and development of the Video Station, a broadcasting place dedicated to video art and documentaries of creation.
He then works with the distribution team on the construction of a rich and eclectic video collection, bringing together pioneers of video art and young authors, and presents retrospectives of authors or thematic programs in international festivals, museums or art centers.
Project manager since 2004, he develops partnerships in France and abroad on the distribution and broadcasting of video art


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