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Friday, March 18 – Sunday, April 3


Mihai Grecu

France / Romania

Salle Gilbert Gaillard, 2 rue Saint-Pierre, Clermont-Ferrand

Opening time:
Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm
Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm

The work:

Francisco Goya’s painting “Saturn Devouring His Son” is considered one of the most terrifying in the history of art. It is indeed so disturbing one might want to turn away, as it is nearly impossible to look at Saturn’s face distorted in madness, at his mouth open to consume his own child. According to the myth, Saturn devours because of fear to be devoured – or rather overthrown – by his son; the fear of losing power makes Saturn lose control over his mind. The plot of the presented VR experience based on Goya’s painting includes running from and running towards something, suggesting the cyclicity of life, the same that brings night after day, counter-revolution after revolution, children after parents. This experience offers to figuratively dive into fears (of Saturn, of the child, and of the witness) and reach the bottom of them, by putting on a VR helmet resembling Saturn’s mouth, jumping inside the depicted scene, and living it through.

The artist:

Mihai Grecu was born in Romania in 1981. After studying art and design in Romania and France, he has been pursuing his artistic research at the Fresnoy Studio of Contemporary Arts. Recurring topics such as environment, war, new technologies and catastrophes articulate the whole of his exploration of mysterious and subconscious beginnings. These visual and poetic trips, mix several techniques and styles and may be seen as propositions for a new dream oriented technology. His work has been shown in numerous film festivals (Locarno, Rotterdam, Festival of New Cinema in Montreal) and exhibitions (“Dans la nuit, des images” at the Grand Palais, “Labyrinth of my mind” at the Cube, “Video Short list: the Dream Machine” at the Passage du Retz, “Studio” at “Les Filles du Calvaire” Gallery).

Artist website:

Artist portrait:


Mihai Grecu (FRA-ROU)

In collaboration with Anna Biriulina, Pierre Blin, Xavier de L’Hermuziere, Bruce Taj and Ovidiu Enache.

A virtual reality film based on the work of Francisco Goya: Saturn devouring one of his sons (1819-1823).

Production Barberousse Films.
Co-production François Martin Saint Leon and Mihai Grecu.


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