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Friday, March 18 – Sunday, April 3

Haiku With Suspended Time

Eleonora Manca


Chapelle de l’Ancien Hôpital Général, Rue Sainte-Rose, Clermont-Ferrand

Opening time:
Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm
Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm

The work:

The vast night
it is now no other thing
than a perfume.
Jorge Luis Borges, Seventeen haiku

A spirit of careful intellectual research is always prevalent in the works of Eleonora Manca where poetry and body come together to give light to emotions and sensations that generate continuous reflections. A creative process that also develops through metamorphosis, another element of fundamental importance in the expression of Eleonora Manca, is never devoid of that harmony that distinguishes her in each of her creations. Eleonora Manca lives and tells her and our time, marked in recent years by moments of strong sharing alternated by violent forms of division. The way out is never around the corner, you have to be able to go beyond one’s self.

The video installation Haiku With Suspended Time represents many aspects of her being an artist, of being a woman here and now. As per Japanese tradition, haiku is a three-verse composition that in this case, Eleonora Manca presents in a contemporary key with three audiovisuals that she defines “… pages of a diary made up of images, sounds, and words … “.

(Not Now) :
Personal and collective stories interpenetrate. Excerpts of the original audio recording, of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, interspersed with the ambient noises captured at the time of the video shooting (slowed down almost to the maximum), are borrowed to explore the concept of “suspension”and interrupted path. Stories of interrupted paths, after only 73 seconds of flight. Of fades. Of suspended memories. Of memories memorized and sent back. Of “flight tests”. And then of paths regained, little by little. Equally imperfectly functional.

The Curfew Hour :
Confusing the plague, knotting the thoughts: we are reborn continuously. Audio was recorded wearing an Ffp2 mask just after an asthma attack.

Little Relief Archive :
About when tried to change your skin again.
About when, reading Lucretius, you rediscovered that “touch is the sense of the whole body”, and went in search of a new skin.

Haiku With Suspended Time est certainement une installation vidéo à admirer dans son ensemble, mais surtout dans chaque détail qu’Eleonora Manca a réalisé avec un raffinement méticuleux. Il n’est pas difficile de se retrouver dans ces scènes, dans ces sons et dans ces textes qui illustrent un soi qui se partage pour une nouvelle renaissance. Sa façon d’utiliser les différentes langues n’est jamais évidente, comme un voyage toujours nouveau et plein de découvertes fascinantes dont le temps reste suspendu…

The artist:

Graduated with a thesis on Russian Avant-gardes, Eleonora Manca (Lucca, 1978) is a visual artist using various media (chiefly photography, visual poetry, video and videoperformance) to develop a research on the metamorphosis, memory and memory of the body. She has exhibited in numerous festivals, solo and group in Italy and abroad. Lives and works in Turin (Italy).

Artist website:

Artist portrait:


Eleonora Manca (ITA)

Video and sound installation on three screens.

Guest curator: Maurizio Marco Tozzi (director of the Over the Real Festival, Lucca (ITA), curator).


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