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Saturday, March 19th – 8:30 pm

Lux Spectris

Iury Lech

2021 / Spain

Salle Boris Vian, Maison de la Culture, 1 Rue Abbé de l’Épée, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Full price | 10€
Pre-sale & reduced* | 5€

*Under 25 years old, job seekers, Cité Jeune card with proof of age.

“This audio-visual performance is in tribute to Ukraine and its heroic people.”
Iury Lech

The performance:

Lux Spectris is an immersive AV performance with generative and audio reactive visuals that construct an hypnothic leap into the core of a microscopic scale of the optical and aural microcollisions and fluctuations, constructed just like the universe, were no matter their dimensions it’s all composed of the tiniest pieces of substance.
This video aural scannings on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale, allows the conditions for a quantum leap towards the awareness of the audience and a comprehensive tuning with the live audiovisual electronic art process.

Plus d’informations :

The artist:

Iury Lech is a multidisciplinary artist who developed his creativity in the field of music and audio-visual performance and who, in the late 1970s and 1980s, became a pioneer in a field focused on electronically generated audio and visual media. Building on the achievements of Minimalism pioneers such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Jon Hassell – constructed from repetitive rhythm and undulating resonance sheets, drones, and ambiences – Lech’s first two works from this period, ‘Otra Rumorosa Superficie’ and the landmark album ‘Música para el fin de los cantos’, one of the most sought-after reissues of recent years along with the remix album ‘Reinterpretaciones’, are a beautiful listening experience that cuts through dark ambient and cinematic minimalism with real depth. He has presented his video artworks and played in many venues and events such as Ars Electrónica; Art Futura; ISEA; SONAR; Video Festival Videoformes; Festival of New Musics of Madrid and Sevilla; the experimental cycle LEM in Barcelona (Spain); Knitting Factory in New York; Pop Komm Festival, Germany; Festival Experimenta in Madrid; Osmosis Festival in Taipei_Taiwan; ART BEIJING_China; DAFT Festival in Taipei_Taiwan; JMAF in Tokyo, Japan; Hong-Gah Museum Taipei; Korea Foundation, Seoul_South Korea; NTMOFA Taichung_Taiwan; ARTEFACT : CHERNOBIL 33, Kiev_Ukraine.

Artist website :


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