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Video competition

Sunday, March 20 - 10:45 am

Salle Boris-Vian, Maison de la Culture, 1 Rue Abbé de l'Épée, Clermont-Ferrand

in dividus / Jean-Pierre Perolini / 2021 / France / 8’07

in dividus is an archive, a digital clay tablet.

A behavioral archive on the question of relationships, two, three, a thousand where the individuality of each side by side with that of the other.


Paysage d’été / Vincent Burger / 2021 / France / 8’25

A tumultuous and incendiary landscape looms under an eclipse sky. Slow picture in which beings are busy in mysterious activities. Inspired by the paintings of John Martin, “Paysage d’été” is halfway between disaster movie and landscape painting. It is a meditative journey through our fantasies of the apocalypse, past or future.

Kira / Ysana Watanabe / 2021 / France / 15’02

KIRA is a short film made entirely in photogrammetry that questions the social phenomenon of voluntary disappearances, which is very present and even normalized in Japan. Through image, text and music, Kira evokes the story of a businessman with a smooth life who evaporates and writes a letter to his wife who imagines him gone to invented places to see him happy.

Grid / Alexandre Alagôa / 2021 / Portugal / 14’

A ritual of grids, reflections and chasms; a complete state of entropy; a space that devours itself; a vertigo that destroys the gravity of the Earth; a trap that captures us inside the voids of the screen of light: «That blank arena wherein converge at once the hundred spaces» (Hollis Frampton).

Video Program


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