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Saturday, March 19 – 2 pm

Scam Screening

Société civile des auteurs multimedia

Scam (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia) awards the Experimental Work Prize at the VIDEOFORMES 2022 awards ceremony on Sunday, March 20 at 7 pm, from among the videos presented below.

The jury is composed of :
Géraldine Brezault, Xavier Marquis, Moïse Togo, Anne-Sophie Emard et Stéphane Haddouche


Inside / Yann Chapotel / 2020 / France / 5’45

Inside unrolls a mosaic of windows, those of the building that I regularly filmed from my own window. Along this border where the interior opens onto the exterior, a multitude of moments of everyday life overlap and respond to each other, forming a choreographic fresco of simple gestures.

Bébé colère / Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel / 2020 / France, Italy / 13’29

A lost baby toon, confronted with a contemporary world and its empty spaces, asks himself how to grow up.

Angle mort / Lotfi Achour / 2021 / France, Tunisia / 13’13

Under the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a man is kidnapped, tortured, killed and then vanished without ever being found. Nearly thirty years later, he comes back to talk to us. He carries us alongside him in the meanders of this memory, by taking over the question of his mother: “Where did you abandon my son’s body?

Official VIDEOFORMES competition films for the SCAM Experimental Work Award

Hybrid Terrains / Elise Guillaume / 2021 / Belgium / 6’06

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Hybrid Terrains brings vegetal and human bodies into dialogue. With an audio created from electromagnetic signals emitted by plants, the work seeks a non- anthropocentric approach to filmmaking. The film invites you to observe, sense and question our relationship with the vegetal world.

La réponse de la Terre / Giulia Grossmann / 2021 / France / 20’

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Wandering between the scientific and the psychedelic, this movie is a reflection on the meaning of images, their nature and durability. We follow the thread of the thoughts of a man who could be just well an astrophysicist, CERN archivist or a musician. In his mental and sensorially graphic journey, the narrator leads us in a reflection on the infinitely large and the infinitely small…

Paysage d’été / Vincent Burger / 2021 / France / 8’25

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A tumultuous and incendiary landscape looms under an eclipse sky. Slow picture in which beings are busy in mysterious activities. Inspired by the paintings of John Martin, “Paysage d’été” is halfway between disaster movie and landscape painting. It is a meditative journey through our fantasies of the apocalypse, past or future.

Kira / Ysana Watanabe / 2021 / France / 15’02

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KIRA is a short film made entirely in photogrammetry that questions the social phenomenon of voluntary disappearances, which is very present and even normalized in Japan. Through image, text and music, Kira evokes the story of a businessman with a smooth life who evaporates and writes a letter to his wife who imagines him gone to invented places to see him happy.


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