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Collective Exhibition – From Friday, March 18 to Saturday, April 2

École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Nancy

France / 20'03
Galerie Dolet, Crous Clermont Auvergne, 25 rue Étienne Dolet, Clermont Ferrand

Founded in 1708 by the Dukes of Lorraine and heir to the famous École de Nancy, the ENSAD Nancy – École nationale supérieure d’art et de design – is a higher education institution of the Ministry of Culture.
The school prepares students for six national diplomas: the DNA (Diplôme national d’art) and the DNSEP (Diplôme national supérieur d’expression plastique) in art, communication and design. It also offers two post-master’s degree programs. Located since 2016 on the Artem Campus, the ENSAD Nancy is one of the founding schools of the Artem Alliance (ARt, TEchnology and Management).

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About the workshop:

The productions presented are made in the video workshop (Vincent Vicario, co-director), a place of practice and experimentation of the moving image. Open to all ages and all options, it is a place of a great diversity of work.


From Venus with Love / Io Papadatos / Vidéo numérique HD / 2020 / 3’35

Through eroticism, science fiction, and a female perspective, I question the perception of what could be the male canon, inspired by the representations and sculptures of Ancient Greece, objectified under the voyeuristic gaze of a few passers-by. The use of the smartphone adds distance between the voyeur and the observed subject, it seems to remove any possibility of modesty, and the duality of the camera/smartphone captures is played out between images that are both smooth and raw. The music is a personal interpretation of “Venus as a Boy” (1993) by Björk. The musician plays with the name Venus, which tends to be used for the female beauty canon, inverting and applying it to the fantasies she has of her lover. In this video, Venus oscillates between this representation and the planet Venus, named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

Ni ici ni ailleurs / Marie Michalikova, Guillaume Aubert / Scans 3D / 2021 / 5’21

Produced by two artists, the video functions as a visual poem composed of 3D scans made in Nancy by Marie Michalikova and in Geneva by Guillaume Aubert. It reflects on distance by putting places from our respective daily lives on the same plane to make them coexist and create a new fictional environment.

About it / Yuki Park / Vidéos numérique couleur multicanal (2 canaux), found footage / 2021 / 6’53

As Covid-19 turned our world upside down, I saw a multitude of social problems that I had not noticed before.
In the midst of the pandemic, I wondered: why is God punishing us? If God lives alongside us, what is he/she doing right now? What does God mean to me? How do I see and feel about him/her?

Performers: Yuki Park, Youngchan Ko / Filming: Chunsik Eom, Yuki Park / Photo : Minki Kim

Cancer de la vie / Zhichun Lai / Vidéo numérique HD / 2021 / 4’14

Everyone has their own sorrows and worries. In Eastern philosophy, desire, or hope, is the source of human suffering, because we always ask for more than we get. There was a line in a movie, “In prison, it’s not torture that destroys people, it’s hope.” Perhaps society is a huge “prison” in which we are tormented by “hope.”


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